Training Services

Problem to Solve:

Learning new tools and techniques requires concentration, repletion and supportive re-enforcement.
Repetition is key to ultimate success.

  • You don’t need to do original research and create solutions. That has already been done for you.
  • With effective knowledge transfer from the expert you can adapt quickly, increase competencies, and
    implement new effective solutions.
  • Support your professional opinion and recommendations with credible data.
  • Elected representatives will make more informed and better decisions that will benefit your municipality.

Implications of the Problem:

Attending one training event is a good start to learn the concepts and practice with a few case studies but it often is not enough.

Benefits of Solving the Problem:

Training at InfraCycle is a cyclical process that is designed to reinforce the lesson learned using a variety of techniques. Hit-and-run training simply doesn't work - participants quickly forget strategies and return to their comfort zone. Ray ensures training sticks by providing on-going accountability to ensure that new strategies are being applied and trouble-shooting any implementation issues.

Why Ray?

Ray delivers training services for municipal staff and council that will improve your municipality’s finances. This is a results based process that includes accountability for participants and personal follow-up with Ray to ensure results.

The training session is a practical application of principals for financially viable communities in the context of land use planning using real world examples.

Custom Team Training

This Customized training reflecting the most acute needs. Rather than delivering stale, cookie cutter solutions, Ray presents strategies that reflect the results of preliminary needs analysis. This ensures that training time is spent on strategies that will deliver the biggest impact and results.

This is comprehensive training on how the fiscal impact analytical process and other tools can align with your current problem to get better results by:

  1.  Improving decision making
  2. Describing new tools and proven techniques
  3. Creating a custom training session that will empower municipal staff and council to achieve better financial outcomes
  4. Ensuring accountability and personal follow-up by Ray for the greatest return on training investment



The Three "D" Training


InfraCycle’s training begins with discovering the biggest opportunities to affect change in your municipality’s fiscal performance. Spending time on areas of the municipal process that will not yield significant improvements reduces the return on training investment. Instead, Ray utilizes a variety of tools to determine where the biggest opportunities to improve results lie so that a training program can be created to deliver those results.
Sample elements that will be examined include:

  • Goal Setting
  • Delivering the Message and the Consequence of Not Changing
  • Needs Analysis
  • Opportunities for Change
  • Objection Handling and Dealing with Skeptics
  • Setting Priorities


With Ray’s friendly delivery and refreshing candor, he delivers training in a relaxed style that engages participants with easy-to-understand strategies and practical implementation tactics. Strategies presented are based on sound fundamentals and have been proven to work in today's tough and complex municipal environment. Ray details implementation steps using real examples. This ensures that implementation can begin immediately, literally upon return to the office.

At the end of the training session, each participant is required to complete an Individual Accountability & Implementation Plan, committing to implement their key strategies and actions for implementation. Ray will use these action plans to follow-up with participants and hold them accountable.


With traditional one-off training, some participants retreat to their comfort zone and fail to implement.

To avoid loss of training investment Ray will ensure that new strategies and techniques are implemented with follow-up and accountability.

Every participant completes their Individual Accountability & Implementation Plan, enabling Ray and the participant to measure progress against their commitment. Follow-up sessions will provide incentive to ensure implementation is completed as committed in time for the call or scheduled webinar or phone call with Ray. This also affords an opportunity to identify any road-blocks encountered so they can be discussed and resolved.

These follow-on sessions may be combined with additional training content, to reinforce or build upon previous strategies.

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