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"Educate and Motivate with Content-Rich Programs that Deliver Results"

Problem to Solve:

Council and the Management Team need to have the same understanding and knowledge of the issues
and solutions, before a municipality can achieve better financial results.

  • Does everyone on Council and the Management Team understand the magnitude of the fiscal challenges?
  • Have problems been identified based on quantifiable, credible evidence as it relates to your municipality?
  • Back of the envelope, ball park estimates and anecdotal information will lead you in the wrong direction.
  • Borrowing information from other municipalities can be very misleading; what your municipality needs
    is more important.

Implications of the Problem:

Council and the Management Team each have a difference role in ensuring that the municipality is fiscally healthy.
Their roles require that they view the fiscal health of their municipality from different perspectives. That is why the
content of the presentation is adapted for the needs of each group.

Benefits of Solving the Problem:

By educating Council and the Management Team there can be mutual agreement that the current “business as usual"
model is not working. A new solution is needed that will create meaningful progress.

Why Ray?

Ray Essiambre

Ray is driven by a passion to help municipalities improve their fiscal performance. A successful leader for 20 years, he understands the challenge that elected officials, municipal staff and business leaders face in improving municipal finances today's.

Rather than relying only on traditional tools and decision making processes from decades ago that often fall short in today's increasing complex municipal environment, Ray delivers proven strategies for immediate and lasting results. That's why Ray is repeatedly called on municipalities, associations and land developers to educate and inspire their teams.

A highly sought-after speaker on municipal issues, Ray has delivered more than 300 presentations to municipal professionals and elected officials at all levels on financial sustainability and on how fiscal decision-making affects the communities they serve.

To ensure Ray’s programs produce results, all programs include customized presentations to meet your most pressing needs. This unique approach ensures that audiences will be engaged and more open to learning techniques and strategies that will translate into positive results.

Ray’s no-nonsense, practical approach to delivering his message is supported by real world examples leaving an impression on audiences for many years.

Before a municipality can achieve better results, the process requires that Council, the Chief Administrative Officer and the Management Team have the same understanding and knowledge about the issues and solutions. Ray’s Speaking Program includes content that is customized for each audience member related to their specific roles and responsibilities.

Ray’s Speaking Program includes content that is customized for each audience relating to their specific roles and responsibilities. Examples of the content for speaking events available from Ray are listed below. All include customization to ensure that the content speaks directly to your audience and the challenges they face.

The format for the presentations can be in:

  • Council Orientation Sessions
  • Management Team Meetings
  • Staff Training
  • Public Consultation Events
  • Workshops and Conferences


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“if only I’d known that, I’d have done things differently.”