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Put an end to scenarios where you say: “if only I’d known that, I’d have done things differently.”

Problem to Solve:

There is an enormous chasm in the decision making process because changes in land use are directly linked to
fiscal outcomes and the municipality’s finances.

  • Council is not given financial information about the impact of specific development on the municipality’s finances.
  • Staff do not have credible defendable information to provide to committees and council.
  • Statements are made about the fiscal impacts based on anecdotal information or conclusions borrowed from
    another municipality.
  • The public area asking questions about cost and the municipality does not have a methodology or tool to provide
    an accurate, credible and defendable response.


Implications of the Problem:

Councils in all Canadian municipalities regularly approve change to land uses. These changes affect the municipality’s costs
and revenues in perpetuity. The fiscal analysis we have completed shows that municipalities can lose millions of dollars
without knowing because they don’t have the information at the time they grant land use approvals.

This issue prevails because municipalities do not have in-house software tools to help them do the analysis.

Benefits of Solving the Problem:

InfraCycle Software provides the bridge between land use plans, municipal policies and the calculation of their financial
impact to the municipality. The software provides municipal staff with insights into elements of land use plans that trigger
costs and influence revenues. The analysis also supports the administration’s recommendations to Planning Committee
and Council.


Achieving better fiscal outcomes for your municipality starts with choosing the right software solution. Our clients leverage our products and services to make better, more informed decisions. With our InfraCycle software solutions, you’re able to repurpose the data you already have to reduce risk and costs, while tapping into an entirely new level of intelligence. We’ll work closely with you to maximize your investment and help you get the most from our technology.

Software Clients

In Parkland County, Alberta InfraCycle software was used, to evaluate the fiscal outcomes of 17 land use scenarios as part of their Municipal Development Plan update.

The analysis provides the administration and council with very valuable information about the true cost of service delivery and which land uses will produce the lowest and highest rate of return on investment.

Within a short period of time, the InfraCycle software allowed Parkland County staff to accurately predict potential net benefits of various types of industrial/commercial development scenarios within the Acheson Industrial Area Structure Plan area (the County's preeminent Business Park). Staff was then able to easily incorporate the InfraCycle data generated into a format that Council used to effectively make final decisions on land use types within the park. 

Steve Fegyverneki

Senior Planner - Current Planning and Martin Frigo, Senior Planner - Long Range Planning & Development Services, Parkland County, AB

For the Town of Canmore, Alberta InfraCycle Software was used to produce and evaluate the Town at build-out. The major issue for the Town is that they only have 400 hectares of developable land remaining and when build-out is reached they will need support costs from revenue derived from land uses that remain.  We prepared for the Town a fiscal baseline of the entire town that included: creating a profile of all existing land uses, calculating the lifecycle costs of all infrastructure, municipal assets and programs that are needed to support the existing town. Fiscal impact analysis was completed for all remaining undeveloped lands to identify a scenario that will allow the Town to be financially sustainable when all of the land is developed.

InfraCycle has allowed the Town of Canmore to complete an evaluation of our Town at build-out. We need reassurance that fiscally these plans are sound and will generate revenue to support our infrastructure and community services in the short and longer-term. We are able to conduct development scenarios that benefit both the developers and the Town. 

Gary Buxton

Manager of Planning & Development, Town of Canmore, AB

For The City of Airdrie, Alberta InfraCycle Software was used to complete an evaluation on future annexation of 130 hectares of land to determine the optimum land use mix that would increase the City’s non-residential revenues. The financial analysis also produced quantifiable evidence that was presented to the Municipal Government Board supporting the need for the annexation. The data was also used to successfully negotiate the detailed terms of annexation with Rocky View County the adjacent municipality.

The software was also used to calculate the fiscal impacts on the City resulting from a second annexation of 4,450 hectares. The entire area was modeled to project future land uses, infrastructure and community services required to support future development. The lifecycle costs of infrastructure, buildings, vehicle, equipment and soft costs demonstrated the City’s future financial requirements.

The city's planners developed several different scenarios using the software. We evaluated our preferred growth option, we are a very strong residential community and council was quite pleased to have that insight into future growth. It solidified their vision of how they want the community to grow.

Jeff Greene

Former Manager of Planning and Recreation, City of Airdrie, AB

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Put an end to scenarios where you say:
“if only I’d known that, I’d have done things differently.”