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I saw the webinar – Life Cycle Costing – Better Results for Your Ratepayers and Reduce Risk, well done! Just great.
- Grant Egerdie, CFO, Director of Finance and Asset Management, City of Camrose, AB

I took part in the webinar and found the information excellent! I'm looking forward to sharing the webinar with some of my staff and building our own LCCA tool from Ray's information....
- Adele Parker, CAO, Town of Falher, Alberta

The webinar was very informative and relevant, Mr. Essiambre did a great job of articulating the topic.
- Robert Smith, City Manager, City of Weyburn, SK

I found the seminar very informative and easy to understand. Thanks so much.
- Nettie Neudorf, Director of Finance, City of Portage la Prairie, MB

The presentation was good and spoke to key issues of integrating the planning and financial decisions to help Councils with land-use planning.
- Frank Pullia, Councillor, City of Thunder Bay, ON

Thank you for the excellent webinar. I found it particularly useful given the trend among politicians to promise no tax increases.
- Dean Leifso, Councillor, Municipality of Brockton, ON

Ray's webinar was very helpful. As a non-financial municipal manager, it was interesting to see the various ways to look at financial sustainability. While the presentation was geared towards 'municipalities with growth', which isn't a universal goal or reality, considering development from the revenue-generation perspective was useful. Ray's presentation would be very useful to any Council and Senior Management.
- Michael Sullivan, Director of Planning, Township of Wainfleet, ON

I found Ray's presentation very helpful, especially as I am a new Councillor. Ray speaks well and yes, the information is certainly applicable to a small rural municipality, which is where I serve.
- Shirley McCall-Hanlon, Councillor, Township East Zorra-Tavistock, ON

Thank you for the opportunity and the invitation to the webinar. Enjoyed Ray's presentation and knowledge. I look forward to reading his book once it >has been published. I'm sure the publication will be of huge value and wealth of information.
- Cindy Chisholm, Development Manager, Municipal District of Willow Creek, AB

This was my second webinar with Ray, the content was once again really interesting and worth sharing with other staff and the members of Council so we can all be on the same page for the future projects to come.
- Steve Landry, Deputy Treasurer, City of Dieppe, NB

Thank you for an excellent webinar on The Keys to Financial Success - The Story of Canmore. I appreciate the opportunity of a recording of the session as Ray and Roderick had many additional worthwhile comments. This recording can then be shared with Council, senior staff and our Economic Development Committee.
- Marsha Paley, CAO, Municipality of North Middlesex, ON

The webinar was very informative and provided valuable information that can be used by local governments to enhance economic development in their communities.
- Alan Mason, Director of Community Economic Development, City of Revelstoke, BC

I found the webinar to be very good and look forward to others you may hold.
- Lorraine Willier, CAO, Town of Mclennan, AB

The topic discussed (How Land Development Really Works) was great and it helped me understand that it is not all about what is in the book, but rather about community due diligence.
- Khalid Mohammed, Manager of Planning and Development Services, Town of High River, AB

The webinar was informative and the summarized important roles council, staff and the developer play in a successful development.. I found it informative and also learned how important the business side of a CAO is.
- Peter Koppisch, Director of Public Works, Township of Seguin, ON

I very much enjoyed the webinar. A great overview of potential issues that might deter investors as well as strategies for creating positive, mutually beneficial relationships with developers. I very much appreciate the practical ideas, like the creation of a detailed checklist, that I can take back to my Council for discussion.
- Cheryl Christian, Councillor, Rural Municipality of West St Paul, MB

The session was interesting and certainly had a lot of ground to cover in a short time. I realize that due to this challenge it would be difficult to address the myriad of local circumstances that exist across Canada in terms of municipal capacity to facilitate development. The presentation was however, a great "primer" for newly elected municipal officials and administrators wishing to gain a general understanding of many of the challenges facing developers when they are considering whether or not it makes sense to proceed with a particular development at one or more sites spread among several communities.
- Peter Anderson, Community Planner, Manitoba Municipal Government, MB

I joined the webinar to learn about the basic steps for Land Use planning – specifically what is required to go through starting a development and what is required for the Developer to proceed. The webinar answered all of my questions and provided a lot of information that was needed that I had not thought of. Thank you for the very informative session.
- David Hutton – 2nd year Councillor, Town of Bon Accord, AB

I liked the webinar which provided me with some insights of creating a development friendly environment and prepare ourselves to deal with the developers.
-Faisal Anwar, Director of Sustainable Economic Development, City of Selkirk, MB 

I found the webinar extremely useful. Easy to relate to and for a smaller, rural Alberta Municipality this is important information. Thank you for offering this presentation out to us and I look forward to reviewing it with my Council.
- Sandy Otto, CAO, Town of Hardisty, AB

I found the webinar extremely helpful and a good reminder to get our finance department involved in our engineering and planning work much earlier in the process.
- Elisabeth Nelson, P.Eng., Municipal Engineer, District of Sooke, BC

Great municipal minute, Ray! I really enjoyed your video.
- Alissa DeJonge, Vice President of Research, Connecticut Economic Resource Center, Inc, Rocky Hill, CT

Thank you for including me on your newsletter mailing list. I do appreciate receiving them. Shortly into your latest video I mused to myself; "I hope some of our staff are looking at these newsletters.
- Wayne Armishaw, council member, Lacombe, AB

Thank you for your presentation to Council and taking the time to present to the staff as well. I think everyone appreciated your perspective and analysis on Dieppe's land reserve. The fiscal analysis will undoubtedly be an important tool for us to inform our planning documents.
- André Frenette, M.Urb, UPC, MICU / RPP, MCIP, Director planning and development department,City of Dieppe, NB

Financial Tools: British Columbia Municipal Government Act Section 882 Financial Reporting and Measuring Financial Implications of Development Incentives – Great webinar, good job!
Alex Kondor, Development Planner, District of Summerland, BC

The seminar, Getting the most from a business park was very informative and has given us some good starting points in developing our business park.
- Cheryl Digby, Community Development Officer, City of Morden, MB

I appreciated the case study webinar on Getting the most from a business park, as I find I take away a lot more from hearing about best practices or success indicators in other Canadian communities. Thank you for the informative session.
- Michelle Levasseur, Community & Economic Development, Town of Devon, AB

This was certainly one of the most informative webinars I have participated in, with a Business Park soon to be underway in the Town of Georgina, these lessons learned will be most helpful as we begin to market these lands.
- Karyn Stone, Economic Development Officer, Town of Georgina, ON

The webinar, Getting the most from a business park was excellent with great content.
Jenny Legget, Economic Development Officer, Town of Wasaga Beach, ON

It was a very informative and relevant webinar today, thank you to Ray and Tom!
- Elise Willison, RPP, MCIP, Senior Planner, Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency, Berwyn, AB

It was a fantastic presentation.
- Bert Roach, Economic Development Officer, Town of Beaumont, AB

We just watched this webinar, Getting the most from a business park and it was very worthwhile.
Municipal Staff at Leduc County, AB

The Buck Stops With Council - This Webinar was just FANTASTIC!!!
- Michael Campbell, Councillor, District of the Municipality of West Hants, NS

A great reminder of the roles and responsibilities!
Maureen Swift, Councillor, Town of Comox, BC

The staff and Council who attended yesterday's webinar all found it very informative and timely, since we're about to receive our consultant's first draft of our Asset Management Plan at next week's Council meeting. Of particular interest to the 2 members of our 7 member Council who were able to attend was Ray's description of long term responsibilities (as we enter an election year).
- Christine FitzSimons, CAO/Clerk, Township of Whitewater Region, ON

I attended the webinar & found the information very useful. I would like to share it with some of my other members of Council & municipal staff as a tool to help us formulate some discussion on the topic.
Mary Moylan, Councillor, Longlac Ward, Municipality of Greenstone, ON

Mr. Essiambre's presentation was very organized, well prepared and engaging; many participants were intrigued by the topics and continued their discussion after the presentation. The few Brandon City Councillors who attended the presentation were very impressed by what they have learned and were enlightened by the fiscal impacts and the need of a long view discussed in the presentation. Mr. Essiambre's webinars and presentations will no doubt be very beneficial to any municipalities that are experiencing the same urban growth issues.
- Louisa Garbo, Director, Planning & Building Safety, City of Brandon, Manitoba

Thanks to everyone at InfraCycle for this opportunity. The knowledge being shared is so very helpful to me as a new municipal councillor. One year in... And if not for InfraCycle I would know very little about the ongoing costs of development to a municipality.
Pauline Raven, Councillor, Municipality of the County of Kings, District 3, NS

We are finding it very thought-provoking material to go through. As Ray has indicated in some of these webinars, fiscal impact studies aren't always a top priority with many municipalities when creating land use plans; and to hear about the financial angle on planning is just really good information.
- Municipal Staff at Leduc-County, AB

The Webinar "Improving Your Municipality's Finance" was an hour well-spent. Craig made some great points that I intend to use when presenting Long Term Financial Planning to my council. This is a timely subject, and one that all CFOs can learn from.
Rosalyn Tanner, Director of Financial Services, District of Central Saanich, BC

Fantastic! Great common sense explanation.
Walt Schmid, Director of Public Works, The Corporation of the Town of Bracebridge, ON

Thanks for the great presentation. I really enjoyed it.
Theresa Bisch, Acting Treasurer, Township of Wellesley, ON

It was an excellent and very informative webinar, thank you for the opportunity to join in.
Bill Dankin, Director of Financial Services/Treasurer, Municipality of Strathroy-Caradoc, ON

Thanks for the webinar. Always interesting to learn more about what others are doing to address the funding gap, particularly in a rural context.
- Eleanor J. Rath, CMO, Chief Administrative Officer/Director of Planning & Economic Development, Township of Otonabee-South Monaghan, ON

We had four Planners listening to the webinar session today. Several of us have participated in previous webinars, and we found this one of particular interest and relevance in our work, providing planning service to 12 municipalities in Northwest Alberta. Thank you for your time organizing and presenting today's webinar. Well done!
- Elise Willison, Senior Planner, Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency, Berwyn, AB

This was a great webinar....well worth my time.
- Roxanne Shepherd, Chief Financial Officer, City of Grand Forks, BC

Thank you for the webinar this morning, an excellent session.
- Grant Ward, Councillor, Township of Langley, BC

This was the most helpful informative webinar I have every participated in.
- Mayor Martin Harder, City of Winkler, MB

The InfraCycle webinar was very educational. It was nice to see a few detailed examples of the points that were made. Thank You for a fresh look at an important topic.
- Henry Siemens, Councillor, City of Winkler, MB

The presentation was precise, pointed and topical. It will impact my role as an elected representative.
Pauline Raven, Councillor, Municipality of the County of Kings, District 3, NS

This is one of the best webinars that I have attended. Good content and well presented.
Gord McKay, Councillor of Simcoe/Mayor of Midland, Simcoe, ON

The webinar was very informative and information presented was very useful. It seemed to adequately represent the viewpoints of both municipal staff and land developers, which was an interesting perspective.
Jennifer Sandham, M.Pl, Planner, City of Temiskaming Shore, Haileybury, ON

The ability to stop at an On Route on the 401 and join the webinar was a real plus. In our township negotiations with developers has been a positive with a transparent and co-operative attitude. Looking forward to more. We need to attract more to rural Ontario.
Robert R Taylor, Councillor, Township of Rideau Lakes, ON

A terrific session leaving me with constructive questions regarding the development of our community and sound advise to move forward effectively with a developer.
Mayor John Enns-Wind, Township of Kindersley, SK

Ray Essiambre spoke at the 2013 Annual Conference of the Nova Scotia Planning Directors Association (NSPDA) in Halifax. In attendance were planners and municipal elected officials from across the province. Those in attendance found his presentation on "Municipal Financial Stability" very informative and eye opening, and at the end of it asking for more.
- Roland Burek, MCIP, LP, President, NSPDA

The city's planners developed several different scenarios using the software. We evaluated our preferred growth option, we are a very strong residential community and council was quite pleased to have that insight into future growth. It solidified their vision of how they want the community to grow.
- Jeff Greene, Former Manager of Planning and Recreation, City of Airdrie, AB

I strongly recommend the use of Fiscal Analysis, as a management tool, by both Land Developers and Municipal Jurisdictions. InfraCycle's program offers the ability to run a number of scenarios to determine the "best" land use outcome for each proposed development project. At the Macro-level, jurisdictions can deploy Fiscal Analysis to better monitor and measure the financial impacts their current development approvals "mix. They can define their Operating and Capital Budget Goals, Trajectory Targets and Sustainability Forecasts.
- Gordon Branson, Former Councillor, Rocky View County, AB, 2004-2010

InfraCycle has allowed the Town of Canmore to complete an evaluation of our Town at build-out. We need reassurance that fiscally these plans are sound and will generate revenue to support our infrastructure and community services in the short and longer-term.  Our three land development partners have access and we are able to conduct development scenarios that benefit both the developers and the Town. The analysis of development scenarios are done with very little effort.
- Gary Buxton, Former Manager of Planning & Development, Town of Canmore, AB

When I watch the webinars I always learn something new. I have an AH-HAH moment and it all makes sense. I find the information that I am learning invaluable.
- Patty Higgins, Former Councillor, City of Saint John, NB

I saw a need for long-term decisions in land use. Municipal Councillors have a hard time seeing all the information before they make a decision and the InfraCycle tool tackles that issue.
- Colby Clarke, Former Business Development Officer, Kings Regional Development Agency, Kentville, NS

The fiscal impact analysis of Evergreen Walk in South Windsor had numerous benefits. It was the first time the EDC could access municipal costs and revenues attributed to a proposed development in a methodical, comprehensive way and it helped to illustrate the type of economic development the town needs in order to build the tax base.
- Marge Anthony, Chairman, South Windsor Economic Development Commission, Connecticut

The InfraCycle Fiscal Impact Analysis (FIA) modeling software is an extremely enticing municipal planning tool. The product boasts quick results for decision making in a logical and comprehensive format. The webinars have expanded local thinking among town elected officials and staff. We got tremendous mileage from viewing success stories in other communities delivered through a professional, convenient venue.
- Shari-Anne Doolaege, CLGM, Former Chief Administrative Officer, Town of Daysland, AB

This tool provides objective data that will help the city make development decisions to positively impact the
- Bob Santy, President and CEO of Connecticut Economic Resource Centre (CERC)

The private webinar prompted some good discussion. Certainly in the area of considering the potential assessment tax revenue associated with proposed developments and area structure plans, as well as costing replacement of infrastructure and reserve funding.
- Noreen Vavrek, Director of Finance and Systems, County of Grande Prairie No. 1, Alberta

InfraCycle Fiscal Solutions first appealed to our organization as it provided in great detail information that is essential to economic development and proper budgeting to undertake economic development activities.  Through the use of Webinars produced by InfraCycle Fiscal Solutions our organization was able to better understand the municipal planning component and the relationship it has with Economic Development Corporations to attract and secure investment into our community.
- James Bernardi, Former Director of Economic & Community Development, Smooth Rock Falls Economic Development Corporation, Smooth Rock Falls, ON

Ray's professionalism, experience and common sense approach to the review of the Rocky View County Highway 8 Corridor Feasibility Statement and the Fiscal Analysis of our 900 acre Double Creek Community produced a very credible report that demonstrated the fiscal benefits of our project allowing us to move the approval process forward.
- Garrett Wohlberg, BA. (RUD) Senior Manager - Design & Communications, Qualico Communities

My Administration is focused 100 percent on the progress of economic development. This software will be an important tool to help analyze potential projects and keep moving economic development forward in the city.
- Mayor Bill Finch, City of Bridgeport, Connecticut

The webinars and support that is offered by InfraCycle Fiscal Solutions has enabled our organization to make key decisions surrounding economic development and to better understand our own organizations capabilities and how we can work with our Municipality to make our community a more investment ready location. The information obtained through the webinars also provided the know-how to undertake activities surrounding land development and municipal infrastructure that needs to be in place before marketing available lands and completing an investment ready profile.
- James Bernardi, Former Director of Economic & Community Development, Smooth Rock Falls Economic Development Corporation, Smooth Rock Falls, ON

The webinar was well organized and timely and provided some interesting infrastructure cost accounting ideas. I really appreciated the opportunity to be able to sit through the webinar in the comfort of my own office in Fort Nelson. Great Job...I'll make sure I continue to monitor your website for future presentations.
- Doug Tofte, R.F.P. , Community Resource & Planning Officer, Northern Rockies Regional Municipality, AB

I found the webinar both informative and thought provoking.
- Mindi Petkau, Land Coordinator, Hinton, AB

Your InfraCycle software can offer a sound approach for elected officials to evaluate development at what scale and on whose dime.
- Ken Hughes, Local Government Division, State of New Mexico

The InfraCycle Webinars I've attended are informative and useful, I look forward to attending more in the future.
- Elise Willison, Municipal Planner, Mackenzie Municipal Services Agency, Berwyn, AB

In a nutshell, the software allows city planners to see whether the revenues associated with land use will offset the costs. The software calculates the capital, maintenance, operating, and replacement costs of municipal infrastructure as well as all anticipated revenues. The software includes hundreds of indicators and can be adapted to any type of development including land uses that do not typically generate cash revenue, such as recreational land uses, or lands that should be protected for environmental reasons.
- Sharon Boddy, Editor, FCM - Federation of Canadian Municipalities - Newsletter: Sustainable Communities Knowledge Network

It's a very powerful tool to test various forms of urban growth.
- John Herbert, Executive Director, Ottawa-Carleton Home Builders Association

InfraCycle hosts webinars that feature their products in terms of financial sustainability related to development in municipalities. I continue to attend them to learn more about the product offering and how it can help the Town of Wolfville.
- Gregg Morrison, Director of Planning, Town of Wolfville, NS

The redevelopment of the Village Center located along historic Route 66 in the Village of Los Ranchos was a major initiative for the Trustees and community. We had to get it right the first time. With a considerable financial investment, we needed to know that it would pay off both revenue wise and in community benefits. InfraCycle showed us what we needed to do to maximize revenues and there are now new commercial developments with the kind of historic character we wanted in our Village Center.
- Cynthia Tidwell, former Planning and Zoning Director, Village of Los Ranchos, New Mexico

Ray Essiambre has an analysis that is so startlingly simple, and important, it ought to be memorized by every Council member.
- Randall Denley, Reporter, The Ottawa Citizen

InfraCycle Fiscal Solutions provides a wealth of information and assistance to Municipalities and Economic Development Corporations that support economic development and long-term planning including a comprehensive budgeting analysis. The Smooth Rock Falls Economic Development Corporation believes that the services and products offered through InfraCycle Fiscal Solutions are of value and importance to Municipalities and Organizations that are currently engaged in development projects, fiscal planning initiatives or any other activities that lead to economic development or long-term planning.
- James Bernardi, Former Director of Economic & Community Development, Smooth Rock Falls Economic Development Corporation, Smooth Rock Falls, ON

Yesterday was the best workshop I have attended in many years. I am now going to think differently about how zoning affects land use, revenues and our municipality's budget.
- Mark DeVoe, Director of Planning, Town of Plainville, Connecticut

I enjoyed the presentation given by Ray on the Cost of Growth: Fiscal Impact Analysis at the CIP conference in Banff.
- Peter Ohmn, RPP, MCIP, Manager, Urban Planning and Environment Branch, Sustainable Development Department, City of Edmonton, AB

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