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Who We Are

InfraCycle was established in 1995 and provides services and products to both the public and private sector.  We are based in Ottawa with a network of associates across Canada.  We are dedicated to improving municipal finances achieving financial sustainability by applying sound fiscal analysis to land use and municipal policy changes.

What We Do

We improve our clients fiscal bottom-line by applying fiscal impact analysis that links land uses with financial outcomes.


"Educate and Motivate with Content-Rich Programs that Deliver Results"

Problem to Solve:

Council and the Management Team need to have the same understanding and knowledge of the issues
and solutions, before a municipality can achieve better financial results.

    • Does everyone on Council and the Management Team understand the magnitude of the fiscal challenges?
    • Have problems been identified based on quantifiable, credible evidence as it relates to your municipality?
    • Back of the envelope, ball park estimates and anecdotal information will lead you in the wrong direction.
    • Borrowing information from other municipalities can be very misleading; what your municipality needs
      is more important.

Implications of the Problem:

Council and the Management Team each have a difference role in ensuring that the municipality is fiscally healthy.
Their roles require that they view the fiscal health of their municipality from different perspectives. That is why the
content of the presentation is adapted for the needs of each group.

Benefits of Solving the Problem:

By educating Council and the Management Team there can be mutual agreement that the current “business as usual"
model is not working. A new solution is needed that will create meaningful progress. 

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Consensus-building is a challenge; we have been there and
helped many municipalities like yours.


Are you in a municipality that:

    • is considering a development that requires urgent attention?

    • needs a credible, transparent, financial analysis?

    • needs to avoid time-wasting objections based on myths and anecdotal opinions?

    • needs information that will lead to consensus-building on council, with tax payers and land developers?

    • needs to demonstrate that the administration and council are fiscally responsible, and, acting in the best
      interest of the public that elected them?


With our experience spanning 23 years working with hundreds of municipalities, we understand the political,
management, and public communication challenges you face.  Our system and software is recognized across
North America for its unique design, embedding over 20 years of experience to solve municipal fiscal impact analysis
needs - helping to guide council and staff to financially viable communities.


To assist you we are offering our "InfraCycle Fiscal Solutions Software Tool kit for 60-days at no cost to you" 


Included in the tool kit

  • Access our tool kit from any PC with access to the Internet
  • There is nothing to download or install on your PC
  • A "get started" file that contains sample data
  • A data requirements Excel worksheet to help you organize your data
  • Ability to use the sample data or edit and add your own information


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"Within a short period of time, the InfraCycle software allowed Parkland County staff to accurately predict potential net benefits of various types of industrial/commercial development scenarios within the Acheson Industrial Area Structure Plan area (the County's preeminent Business Park). Staff incorporated the data into a format that Council used to effectively make final decisions on land use types within the park."
Steve Fegyverneki, Senior Planner - Current Planning and Martin Frigo, Senior Planner - Long Range Planning &
Development Services, Parkland County, AB


"InfraCycle has allowed the Town of Canmore to complete an evaluation of our Town at build-out. We need reassurance that fiscally these plans are sound and will generate revenue to support our infrastructure and community services in the short and longer-term. We are able to conduct development scenarios that benefit both the developers and the Town. The analysis of development scenarios are done with very little effort."
Gary Buxton, Former Manager of Planning & Development, Town of Canmore, AB


"The fiscal impact analysis of Evergreen Walk in South Windsor had numerous benefits. It was the first time the EDC could access municipal costs and revenues attributed to a proposed development in a methodical, comprehensive way and it helped to illustrate the type of economic development the town needs in order to build the tax base."
Marge Anthony, Chairman, South Windsor Economic Development Commission, Connecticut


For more details on this offer, please contact our office at (613) 836-7541, or email Nancy Etmanski at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


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Put an end to scenarios where you say: 

“if only I’d known that, I’d have done things differently.”


Problem to Solve:

There is an enormous chasm in the decision making process because changes in land use are directly linked to
fiscal outcomes and the municipality’s finances.

    • Council is not given financial information about the impact of specific development on the municipality’s finances.
    • Staff do not have credible defendable information to provide to committees and council.
    • Statements are made about the fiscal impacts based on anecdotal information or conclusions borrowed
      from another municipality.
    • The public area asking questions about cost and the municipality does not have a methodology or tool to provide
      an accurate, credible and defendable response.

Implications of the Problem:

Councils in all Canadian municipalities regularly approve change to land uses. These changes affect the
municipality’s costs and revenues in perpetuity. The fiscal analysis we have completed shows that municipalities
can lose millions of dollars without knowing because they don’t have the information at the time they grant
land use approvals.

This issue prevails because municipalities do not have in-house software tools to help them do the analysis.

Benefits of Solving the Problem:

InfraCycle Software provides the bridge between land use plans, municipal policies and the calculation of their
financial impact to the municipality. The software provides municipal staff with insights into elements of land use plans
that trigger costs and influence revenues. The analysis also supports the administration’s recommendations to
Planning Committee and Council.

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Fiscal Analysis for Municipalities

Problem to Solve:

Municipalities engage InfraCycle's services for several reasons:

    • The same problems have persisted for years and outside resources are needed to provide a fresh perspective.
    • They do not have the expertise or in-house methodology.
    • They have the talent and skills but they don't have the time.

Implications of the Problem:

Municipalities with fiscal challenges have developed these problems over several years or decades.  These problems will persist without outside help.

    • By continuing with the "business as usual" scenario, the municipality's financial position will not improve.
    • If they do not have the time and do not retain InfraCycle's consulting services, the financial issue will remain unresolved.

Benefits of Solving the Problem:

Engaging InfraCycle to provide consulting services for your municipality, you will have access to Ray's proven methodology and 22 years of experience completing fiscal analysis.  The results of his analysis have provided tangible and quantifiable evidence that municipal staff and councillors have relied on to make informed recommendations and decisions.  By having accurate data and sound recommendations our clients have saved $10's of millions of dollars and significantly increased their revenues.


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Fiscal Analysis for Land Developers

Problem to Solve:

Land developers engage InfraCycle's services for several reasons:

    • They want to speed up the approval process
    • The municipality has expressed concern about the potential cost of the proposed development
    • They need a leading expert to prepare a fiscal impact analysis of their proposal

Implications of the Problem:

There is a lot of miss-information out there about the cost of development.

    • Development approvals are often delayed or rejected because no information about the fiscal implications has been provided.
    • If a fiscal analysis is not provided, council will not have all the facts about the proposed development and they will be making an uninformed decision.
    • Not all developments produce the same fiscal outcome and a project specific analysis is needed.

Benefits of Solving the Problem:

Engaging InfraCycle to provide consulting services for your development proposal, you will be able to move through the approval process faster. Applications often stall because lack of credible information

You will have access to InfraCycle's time- proven methodology and 22 years of experience completing fiscal analysis. The results of the analysis have provided tangible and quantifiable evidence that municipal staff and councillors have relied on to make informed recommendations and decisions.

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