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“The Hidden Impact of Land Use Decisions on
Municipal Budgets”


The Issue:

This session is essential for municipal staff and elected officials with an interest in learning the fiscal implications of
land use planning. Participants will learn how land use planning can dramatically influence municipal budgets both positively and negatively. There is no One Silver Bullet solution to becoming a Financially Viable municipality.
Learn about the many factors that affect the municipal finances in the planning context:


Preliminary Outline of Presentation:

Below is a brief outline of content for a presentation. The content can be modified to address local issues and your event theme.

1)    Principles of Financial Sustainability
2)    The enormous gap in the decision making process
3)    Land use decisions influence the fiscal outcomes
4)    The planning review process
5)    Where is the Treasurer?
6)    The public thinks you are doing it
7)    Provides the Administration and Council with credible and reliable information
8)    The fiscal realities of residential development
9)    Commercial / Industrial developments
10)  Efficiency factors and comparing land use scenarios
11)  Optimum land use mix