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Webinar ID Number and Suggested Topics

    1. What is Municipal Financial Sustainability

    2. Bedroom Community or Whole Community?

    3. Communicating Fiscal Realities to Council - Why doesn't Council get it?

    4. Comparing Fiscal Realities of Urban Residential Designs

    5. Do Increases in Property Taxes, User Fees and Other Municipal Charges Affect Votes for Elected Officials?

    6. Financial Growth Studies – An approach to evaluating long term land use scenarios

    7. Financial Sustainability Webinar Introduction

    8. Financial Sustainability Webinar for Elected Officials and Senior Management

    9. How Land Use Planners and Planning Committees Affect Your Municipality's Net Revenues

    10. Is Your Municipality Ready for a Change in Corporate Culture?

    11. Municipalities Who Are the Land Developers

    12. Reclaiming Your Retail Dollars, Retail Space, and Taxes Lost to Other Markets?

    13. Redevelopment of Main Street & Impact of the Economy on Local Governments

    14. Successes of InfraCycle Clients While Using Fiscal Analysis Software

    15. Surviving The Crazy Budget Season

    16. The Build Canada Fund, Update and What's Next?

    17. The Hidden Impact of Land Use Decisions on Municipal Budgets

    18. The Importance and Implication of Council's Next Fiscal Theme

    19. The Power Triangle

    20. The True Story - Does residential development generate a net loss or net revenue gain?

    21. Working and Negotiating with Land Developer

    22. What Happens When Municipal Treasurers and Staff are Left out of the Process

    23. Zero Taxes and Getting The Most From Your Business Park

    24. How Municipalities and Land Developers Can Negotiate a Better Future

    25. Improving Your Municipality's Finance

    26. How Municipalities and Land Developers Can Work Together to Build Financially Viable Communities

    27. The Buck Stops With Council

    28. Improving Fiscal Outcomes with Fiscal Impact Analysis

    29. Getting the Most From A Business Park

    30. Do Increases in Property Taxes, User Fees and other Municipal Charges Affect Votes for Elected Officials?

    31. What You Need to Know About Development Charges, Off-site Levies and Managing Revenues

    32. Financial Tools, British Columbia Municipal Government Act Section 882 Financial Reporting and Measuring Financial Implications of Development Incentives

    33. How To Affect Change and Implement Fiscal Impact Analysis In Your Municipality

    34. Municipal Treasurers Can Contribute More But They are Left Out of the Front End Planning Process

    35. How Land Development Really Works.  Honing Your Municipality's Competitive Edge

    36. Keys to Financial Success - The Town of Canmore Story

    37. Fiscal Impact Analysis is Trending in Canadian Municipalities

    38. Charting a Course to Financial Sustainability

    39. Not Implementing Council's Priorities is a Deal Breaker

    40. Life Cycle Costing - Better Results for Your Ratepayers and Reduce Risk

    41. Find Hidden Revenues and Cost Savings on Your Desk

    42. Get The Inside Story on What Really Drives Commercial Development in Your Municipality and Increase Commercial Assessment

    43. Triple Bottom Line Optimization