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Put an end to scenarios where you say: 

“if only I’d known that, I’d have done things differently.”


Problem to Solve:

There is an enormous chasm in the decision making process because changes in land use are directly linked to
fiscal outcomes and the municipality’s finances.

    • Council is not given financial information about the impact of specific development on the municipality’s finances.
    • Staff do not have credible defendable information to provide to committees and council.
    • Statements are made about the fiscal impacts based on anecdotal information or conclusions borrowed
      from another municipality.
    • The public area asking questions about cost and the municipality does not have a methodology or tool to provide
      an accurate, credible and defendable response.

Implications of the Problem:

Councils in all Canadian municipalities regularly approve change to land uses. These changes affect the
municipality’s costs and revenues in perpetuity. The fiscal analysis we have completed shows that municipalities
can lose millions of dollars without knowing because they don’t have the information at the time they grant
land use approvals.

This issue prevails because municipalities do not have in-house software tools to help them do the analysis.

Benefits of Solving the Problem:

InfraCycle Software provides the bridge between land use plans, municipal policies and the calculation of their
financial impact to the municipality. The software provides municipal staff with insights into elements of land use plans
that trigger costs and influence revenues. The analysis also supports the administration’s recommendations to
Planning Committee and Council.

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