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The Planning Division is a full-service land use planning, design and real estate development consulting firm.  We are committed to providing quality professional services with emphasis on strong policy and project implementation.  We have an excellent track record of achieving results for our clients.

Our success is based on integrity, creativity, innovation and experience.




Project Management

√ Site Selection

√ Vacant Land Inventory

Highest and Best Use Analysis

√ Due Diligence

Conceptual Design

Pro-forma Analysis

Plans of Subdivision, Site Plans and

Obtaining Municipal Approvals

Clearing Conditions of Approvals

Expert Testimony at
   Ontario Municipal Board Hearings       




√ Preparation of Secondary Plans

Comprehensive Official Plans, 
   Amendments to Official Plans,
   and Zoning By-laws

Expert Testimony at Ontario  
   Municipal Board Hearings

 Public Consultation

Fiscal Impact Assessment

Comprehensive Planning Studies

Policy Review

Municipal Retail Strategies




Ray Essiambre’s experience in land use planning and land development consulting spans 45 years’ experience. 
Ray has designed and obtained approvals for more than 300 residential and commercial projects. His government experience includes: working as a land use planner for the Town of Oakville, the City of Edmonton and the City of Ottawa. Private sector experience includes working for several multidisciplinary engineering, planning firms in Ontario, Quebec, Alberta and the United States.

Ray’s passion is leading private landowners, public sector landowners and land developers through the complex and
highly regulated land use planning process. His experience completing more than 250 projects is invaluable to clients
who choose to utilize all or selected areas of his experience that include:

  • Locating available developable land
  • Overall project coordinationRayEssiambre150pixel
  • Project budgeting
  • Assembling and coordinating project teams
  • Conceptual designs
  • Filing and obtaining municipal approvals
       -  Official Plan Amendments
       -  Rezoning
       -  Subdivision
       -  Site plan approvals
       -  Minor variance
  • Clearing conditions
  • Public engagement
  • Assistance with disposition of land
  • Expert testimony

Scale of projects has ranged from smaller single use sites to large mixed use complete communities on several
hundred hectares. The time to approvals has been relatively short and for some projects, and for others it has taken
more than 10 years requiring extensive studies, public engagement, meetings with elected officials.

A diversity of projects undertaken by Ray include: a wide range of urban residential densities; estate lot subdivisions; greenfield and infill developments; automotive uses; office, retail, industrial developments.

Ray has completed complex studies and special projects such as; urban boundary adjustments, municipal retail strategies, economic development strategies, automotive uses studies, urban design studies including coordinating contributing professional disciplines.

Ray is known for his integrity, and practical down to earth professional style that is focused on the needs of his clients.
His meticulous attention to details and focus has resulted in the many successes for his clients. He is also an accomplished professional public speaker having delivered presentations at national conferences and workshops attended by councillors, media, the public, land developers and other business leaders. Ray delivers his message
in a relaxed, informative style that is easily understood by all stakeholders.

Ray’s experience includes working on more than 250 projects from routine to high profile and highly contentious assignments. The following is a representative sample of projects.





Business Park


Client:     SimpliCity Developments
Location:  Highway 416 and O'Keefe Court,
              Barrhaven, Ontario

  • Assisted client with selection of consulting team.
  • Coordination of consulting team.
  • Preparation of project budget (soft costs).
  • Public Consultation.
    • Mineral aggregate policies
    • Area Context
    • Site criteria for conceptual design
    • Municipal servicing solutions
  • Preparation of Concept Plan.
  • Preparation of applications for Official Plan
    Amendments, Rezoning and Consent.


Urban Expansion
Project Coordination and Conceptual Plan


Client:     Clydesdale Meadows - private landowner
Location:  Stittsville, Ontario

  • Project management including selection and management of
    professional team to assist in preparing conceptual plan –
    municipal engineers, geotechnical, environmental, surveyors.
  • Provided advice to change the designation of the
    lands from Rural to Urban.
  • Preparation of Planning Rationale including a review
    all relevant provincial and municipal land use policies.
  • Preparation of conceptual plan on 100 acres that conformed
    to all municipal policies.
  • Participation in discussions with adjacent land developers to
    produce an overall comprehensive demonstration plan for
    developable land in the area. 


Proposed Property Expropriation
Gananoque Boat Lines


Client:     Gananoque Boat Lines
Location:  Town of Gananoque, Ontario

  • Lead Planner supporting the Legal Team representing the
    Gananoque Boat Lines against the proposed expropriation
    by the Town of Gananoque Boat Lines waterfront property.
  • For all Gananoque Boat Lines property, reviewed planning
    policies, zoning and legal agreements between the Town
    and the Boat Lines.
  • Review Navigable Waters Act and other relevant documents
    affecting use of waterfront property.
  • Produced “book of evidence” of pertinent information to be
    presented at expropriation hearing.
  • Agreement to a mutually agreeable solution was reached
    prior to the hearing.



Carson Grove Residential Subdivsion


Clients:    Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation and the Canada Lands Company
Location:  Ottawa and Gloucester, Ontario

  • Prepared concept plans, pro-formas, official plan amendments, zoning by-laws and plans of subdivision.
  • Obtained twelve development approvals from Municipal, and Federal Governments.
  • Conducted public consultations.
  • Provided expert testimony at three Ontario Municipal Board Hearings.
  • Co-ordinated the multidisciplinary team.
  • Cleared complex conditions of subdivision approval that resulted from OMB hearings.
  • Site Plan approval for CMHC National Office Building.


Amber Lakes Retirement Bungalows


Client:     Amber Lakes Development Corporation
Location:  Main Street, Stittsville, Ontario 

  • Designed a Plan of Subdivision for 104 residential retirement
    bungalow units while preserving adjacent wetland and fish
  • Obtained Official Plan amendment, rezoning, and approval of
    subdivision conditions for a 40-acre site located in the
    Poole Creek Watershed.
  • Provided expert testimony at an Ontario Municipal Board



Timbermere Residential / Commercial Subdivision


Client:     Timberwood Development Corporation
Location:  West of Carp Road, Stittsville, Ontario

  • Design of plan of subdivision for a residential/commercial subdivision
    located in Stittsville, Ontario.
  • The plan contained 440 residential units and commercial uses located in
    Poole Creek Watershed. Features of the design include four parks linked
    by a 2.5km walking/cycling trail and a stormwater pond incorporated as
    an entrance feature.
  • Co-ordinated the clearing of conditions and the registration of the Plan
    of Subdivision.
  • Obtained municipal and regional approvals, rezoning and an amendment
    to the Official Plan.



Waterfront Townhouse
Development Mediation


Client:     Town of Prescott
Location:  Prescott, Ontario

  • Consulted with landowner and objectors to a proposed townhouse
    development on the Town’s waterfront to obtain a mutually agreeable
    situation for this key waterfront development in the Town’s Historic
  • Conducted review of Official Plan and Zoning By-law.
  • Preparation of development and design guidelines, site plan criteria for
    approval, and site-specific Zoning By-law.


Conversion of Commercial Site 
to Residential Subdivision


Client:     Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation 
               and Campanale Real Estate
Location:  Ogilvie Road and Aviation Parkway,
              Gloucester, Ontario

  • Obtained amendment to the Official Plan.
  • Preparation of site specific Zoning By-law.
  • Subdivision design and clearing conditions of subdivision approval.


World Exchange Plaza 
City of Ottawa 
Design Competition


Location:  O'Connor Street, Ottawa, Ontario

  • Winning Submission of National Urban Design Competition for
    development on City of Ottawa property. The project covers an entire
    city block.
  • Analysis of land use planning policies and urban design policies.
  • Member of design team.
  • Prepared urban design criteria.
  • Coordination and analysis of commercial marketing demand.
  • Assisted in preparation of written submission for the
    Design Competition Selection Committee.


City of Ottawa Urban Expansion


Client:  40 landowners who owned 1,800 acres
           in Kanata West, Ottawa, Ontario

  • Filed Applications and obtained amendment to the Official Plans of
    4 municipalities. The Official Plan Amendment included guidelines
    and requirements for future urban development.
  • Appointment to the Study Area Steering Committee as a representative
    of landowners to ensure landowner interests were addressed.
  • The process took 7 years to reach Planning Committee and Council.
  • 32 delegates spoke in favour of the application and the application was
    approved unanimously and no Ontario Municipal Board hearing was





Expropriation and Highest and
Best Use Analysis


Client:     Hewlett-Packard Canada Inc.
Location:  Queensview Drive, Ottawa, Ontario

  • Provided support for negotiations concerning $7 million
    acquisition of Hewlett-Packard’s site by the City for the
    West Transit Way Extension.
  • Assisted in developing a strategy for sale of
    Hewlett-Packard’s site.
  • Municipal Policy Review and highest and best use analysis.



Canada Mortgage
and Housing Corporation


Client:     Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation
Location:  National Office, Ottawa, Ontario

  • Preparation of site plan application.
  • Preparation of site plan application.
  • Obtained approval of site plan from the
    City of Ottawa.
  • Assisted with negotiations of site plan agreement.
  • Obtained approval from the National Capital
    Commission for the site plan.
  • Coordinated consulting team to prepare
    parking study including 3 options for the
    redesign of 500 parking spaces.
  • Prepared site plan application for modifications
    to the site and parking area.



Town Homes


Client:     Alt Homes
Location:  Pickford Drive, Kanata, Ontario

  • Coordination of the consulting team to design the project
    on a challenging site.
  • Preparation of site plan application and obtained approval
    of the site plan.
  • Provided advice regarding the site plan agreement.


Retail Conceptual Design
Site Plan Approval


Client:     Taylor Developments
Location:  Hazeldean and Terry Fox, Kanata, Ontario

  • Coordination of consulting team to prepare site plan.
  • Preparation of site plan application.
  • Obtained rezoning of the site to permit retail
  • Obtained approval for site plan.
  • Assisted with negotiations of site plan agreement.




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