Executive Briefings for Administration

The following are suggested topics for administration speaking engagements.

How Municipalities and Land Developers Can Negotiate a Better Future

Preliminary Outline of Presentation:

This presentation will focus on using Fiscal Impact Analysis (FIA) to negotiate better deals for municipalities, the land developers and ultimately the future residence of your community.

This very popular presentation topic will give you valuable insights about fiscal challenges facing municipalities, the uncertainty this brings to the land use approval and working with the land development industry. You will learn how to better deal with fiscal challenges, how municipalities and land developers can work together to develop financially sustainable projects and communities.

We will examine case studies, the negotiation process and results achieved. Topics that will be covered are:

  1. A comparison of minimum legislated requirements for development charges in selected regions in Canada
  2. Should land developers contribute more than the minimum requirements?
  3. Identifying which Tangible Capital Assets you need to negotiate
  4. Don't be afraid to ask for more and demonstrate your need
  5. How municipalities and land developers can foster better relations and improve their role in the community building process
  6. What developers like and don't like
  7. What land developers need to know from municipalities and when
  8. Case studies and results achieved through negotiations


The outcome of this presentation will be:

  • A better appreciation of the challenges facing the municipality and the land developers.
  • Through mutual understanding, land developers and the municipality can improve/speed up the approval process.
  • A better working business environment and more financially viable communities.

Municipal Treasurers Can Contribute More But They Are Left Out Of The Front End Planning Process

Preliminary Outline of Presentation:

Your municipal treasurers and staff in the Department of Finance are very talented and dedicated professionals with a wealth of knowledge that benefits their municipalities. Treasurers could contribute even more but they are left out of key decisions at the front end of the planning process.

Land use plans and proposed changes to planning policies are circulated to internal departments and external agencies for review and comment. Unfortunately staff in the Department of Finance is not consulted for input on how these proposed changes to land use plans and policies will affect the municipality's finances.

In this webinar I will show you how you can plug this significant gap in the decision making process and improve your municipality's finances.

Below is an outline of content for this presentation:

  1. The disconnect in the decision-making process
  2. The Planning Review Process and why Treasurers are left out of the process
  3. The Government Finance Officers Association Best Practice for finance officers
  4. Why you need to do fiscal impact analysis
  5. Avoiding risk and the slippery slope
  6. The Process of Fiscal Impact Analysis
  7. Case studies that explain fiscal sustainability
  8. Why you need champions on Council and in the Administration

The True Story - Does Residential Development Generate A Net Revenue Loss or Net Revenue Gain?

Preliminary Outline of Presentation:

I have been studying the issue of net loss or net gain from residential uses for almost two decades. There is still a widely held belief the residential uses do not support the cost of service delivery. There is no right or wrong answer to this question. The correct answer depends on a variety of factors that are specific to your municipality and market conditions.

During this presentation I will show you several forms of residential development and factors that contribute to a net loss or net gain.

Below is an outline of the content of this presentation:

  1. Examining forms of development such as:
    1. Conventional subdivisions
    2. Alternative designs
    3. Estate lot subdivisions
    4. Low density developments
    5. Medium density developments
  2. Examining types of ownership such as:
    1. Freehold
    2. Condominium
    3. Bare Land Condominium
  3. Older neighbourhoods and new communities
  4. The role of property tax assessment in determining net loss or net gain
  5. Rhe role of market forces in determining net loss or net gain
  6. How urban design influences fiscal service standards and fiscal outcomes

For Additional Suggested Topics:

Put an end to scenarios where you say:
“if only I’d known that, I’d have done things differently.”